boris-cartoonBoris Johnson, the UK’s Foreign Secretary, has now been called the “worst person in the playground” by Theresa May, who followed up that he was a “bitch”. Johnson’s foremost foreign policy seems to be very similar to that of a year 8 playground “bitch”; perfectly nice to your face and reliably awful when your back is turned. Saudi Arabia were the latest country to hear Boris’ nasty comments, rightly or wrongly, and yet have to put up with him during his visit. One can rest assured, the lion that is Johnson will be purring charms during his stay, but will burp up about their proxy war as soon as he is safely back on the benches.

Eastern European leaders were left scratching their heads after Boris assured them that he was an adamant supporter of The Free Movement of People. The comments were somewhat surprising, after a yearlong campaign against EU legislation on immigration. But, who are we to doubt the integrity of a man who’s time as mayor saw the introduction of “Boris Bikes” (introduced by Ken Livingston), winning us the 2012 London Olympics (won in 2005 by Ken Livingstone), and finally, creating the incredibly useful and practical cable-car system for crossing the Thames. Personally, I cannot wait to see how he represents the nation abroad!



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