President Donald Trump addressed the media in his first solo press conference. He
clearly stated that, “I am the least racist person”. When SPIT approached him and asked him to confirm he is not a racist, he said, “No, I am not a racist, I have loads of black friends. ”When asked who his black friends are, he named the Obamas, Michael Jordan and said he dearly missed Nelson Mandela. Not entirely convinced that Trump is not a racist, we tracked down the Obamas in Hawaii, not Kenya – where Trump had advised us to look for him. The Obama’s who were enjoying their holiday, refused to comment, as did Michael Jordan; we can only guess that Mandela rolled in his grave when he heard the President’s claims,



Artwork by: Genefer Dutton
Instagram: @g.scribbls
Prints are available at: truephoenixdesign.com/shop



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