It has been discovered that Donald Trump is quite the Agony Aunt, after leaked phone
conversations reveal the President has been helping Vladmir Putin with his relationship troubles. It appears that the Russian Romantic is having some struggles, “It says ‘read’ but she still hasn’t replied.” The President / agony-aunt proved unhelpful, replying, “I don’t understand, she came back to mine after I asked, she even held my hand! I’m going back to hers soon, although her parents are not too happy about it.”   Before any names were mentioned, an angry voice in the background could be heard shouting, “Get off the phone, you’re always on it! Also your tea’s ready!” The phone-call ended with Putin asking  how much longer they must keep their lurid friendship a secret-  to which Trump  promptly hung up.


Head to our website to listen in on more juicy conversations:



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