UKIP member has quit the UKIPs in a bid to leave his mark elsewhere. As the party he was once proud to call home collapses around him, he decided to call it a day. When we asked Mark why he quit the party, he said, “Like Carswell, and numerous World Cup winners, I feel there is nothing else to win at UKIP and I fear that the success is eating away at the Party. Also, I must say that the Farage’s fleeing has sent me and my family in a downward spiral. Nige was a Father to me and would call me everyday,but now I only get to hear his gracious voice once a week on the radio.” In a not so reckless move, Reckless has moved to Wales to make his mark in the Welsh Assembly as a member of the Conservative Party.

We wish you all the best Mark, you too will never be forgotten.


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