Nicola Sturgeon and Teresa May are reportedly training for a jousting contest next month. Sturgeon challenged May in a bid to win a referendum for Scots to have a say on their country’s status and relationship with London in the hope that they can escape Brexit’s clutches. May has so far refused to grant Sturgeon her wish, and rumours have emerged that the Prime Minister may be prepared to go to war over Scotland. The contest, which is set to take place during half time at the Wimbledon final between Andy Murray and Tim Henman. Established sexist tennis commentator John Inverdale, who last year forgot that women play tennis, will be commentating the contest. The Chief Minister of Gibraltar has asked the Political Jousting Association (PJA) if he can join the contest as he too is terrified by the thought of the big rock leaving the EU. May is apparently apprehensive about the idea as she fears that the two might gang up on her.



Cartoon credit:

Name: Suraiya C

Instagram: @the_suicidal_arts_graduate

Etsy Shop: SuraiyaCurios


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