It has been reported that David Cameron has bought himself a  brand new, luxury hut. Although the hut may be seen as a downgrade from Downing Street, when he was interviewed by SPIT, he described the move as ‘necessary’ in this economic climate. Some have likened the move to the £25,000 garden closet to Hitler’s transference to an
underground concrete bunker when the Red Army began closing in on Berlin.  Last year  Cameron left the country in disarray after the British population voted to leave the EU, and it appears that as the Brexit wheels are set in motion, it is maybe the time to go into hiding.

It is rumoured that Cameron has written to Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, on  a number of occasions to ask for advice on how to stay out of the public eye. Corbyn, who was forced out of hiding by Teresa May’s scandalous call for a snap election earlier in the month, refused to give advice. A SPIT intern, who has been tasked with infiltrating the Cameron family by posing as Cameron’s long lost brother, has reported that the ex-Prime
Minister cannot imagine anything worse than living in the £25,000 hut, and likened it to Saddam Hussein’s bunker.



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