This month we were shocked to read that  Princess Dianna was voted the third most popular Briton in history; we compiled a list of our most unpopular Brits:

  1. Michael Gove – For telling children that George killed Lenny in Of Mice and Men.
  2. Tony Blair – Repeated performance of fellatio on George W. Bush.
  3. Margaret Thatcher Ruining everyone’s lives (apart from the rich’s).
  4. Jeremy Clarkson – Winner of arrogant w*nker of the year four years running.
  5. John Terry – Footballer and racist adulterer—the English answer to Tiger Woods.
  6. Mike Ashley – Businessman who the USSR’s capitalist pig propaganda was based on.
  7. Bono – U2 frontman famed for never taking off his sunglasses.
  8. Karen Matthews – Losing her daughter in a game of hide and seek until it made national news.







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